Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Rob is back from vacation and has started creating new worship videos. General Committee meets this week to consider What we will do about corporate worship after Labour Day. The church office is open for limited visiting. If the lights are on and the door is open (and there isn’t a crowd) drop in and say hi.

Here is the worship video for this Sunday, the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost.

Summer Vacation

Rob will be on vacation for the month of July. We’ll be “tuning in” to congregational worship from each of our four parent denominations during that time. Subscribe to the “what’ up” newsletter for all the latest links.

Trinity Sunday

Deb Smith reads Scripture this week and we have music from Giuliano Sanipelli on the Accordian. Giuliano is playing “Holy, Holy, Holy” from Voices United, and “Peace Be With You” #215 in More Voices.

Easter Six

Here’s Rob’s meditation for the Sixth Sunday of Easter…

We’ve moved some of our worship furniture, the Table and the Font, to our office and meeting space in the SUNOVA Mall. This is also the first of our worship videos using the new Ipad Pro with the fancy camera!