Welcome to the Pinawa Christian Fellowship!

We are a unique Ecumenical Shared Ministry in beautiful Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada recognized by the Anglican Church of Canada, Mennonite Church Manitoba, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the United Church of Canada.

We are delighted….

that our new Pastor,  Rev. Elizabeth Brasier, began her ministry with us on January 23, 2023. 

We continue to gather for in-person Sunday Worship at 11:00am in the Pinawa Lutheran Church.

The wearing of masks is now optional.  We ask you to do all you can to keep your neighbours safe in worship; please do not attend worship if you are feeling sick.

Keeping checking your “What’s Up” newsletter for the latest information.

Pinawa Christian Fellowship Discussion Paper:
Future Worship Location

The first worship service of the Pinawa Christian Fellowship (PCF) was held on 1963 November 3 in the gymnasium/auditorium of the F.W. Gilbert elementary school in Pinawa.  From that date forward (while several times considering and rejecting the construction of its own church building), the PCF held its worship services in the Gilbert gym, until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 March.  The pandemic forced the cancellation of in-person worship for a time, and worship switched to on-line services.

The PCF was not permitted to hold Sunday worship services in the Gilbert school gym between 2020 March and 2022 August, during pandemic restrictions.  The School District of Whiteshell Board met recently (2022 September) and are now allowing user groups to use school facilities.

In 2022 February, the PCF was finally able to resume in-person Sunday worship in the Pinawa Lutheran Church (our gratitude to them for their cooperation and fellowship), slowly at first, but building momentum through the spring of 2022. Joint PCF – Lutheran services were held through July and August, although the PCF attendance was quite small on most summer Sundays.

While the presence of the PCF in the gym is once again permitted, the aging of the congregation poses major challenges; the logistics of setup and takedown (chairs, pulpit, backdrops, etc.), that we used to do, were becoming problematic even before Covid and would now be even more so when it comes to setting up (and taking down) for services in the gym. If the PCF were to go back to FWG school, we could try to hire someone (unknown at this point) for setup, but that cost of setup would be in addition to the cost of the school rent.

Furthermore, the gradual but relentless reduction in the number of people who attend worship services in recent years makes the large gym space unnecessary. (It’s a big gym and we are now a small congregation.)

While some PCF congregation members miss the familiar surroundings of the school gym, others are enjoying worshipping in an actual church sanctuary in the Lutheran Church, and that sanctuary is “right-sized” for our present worship services.

Even the option of continuing to hold services in the Lutheran Church is not without its challenges. 

For example, it is difficult to add a PCF identity to our worship in the church (e.g., putting up PCF banners, etc.). And, if the PCF were to choose not to return to Gilbert School, it has many items stored at the school; we would have to move a considerable amount of our belongings somewhere else (they can’t all fit into the office), as the PCF has been told that the school would be only too happy to use the space for their own purposes.

For information purposes, the PCF paid $2,448.00 for the full calendar year 2019 (the last full year before the pandemic disruptions) to rent space in Gilbert School for worship services (and choir practices). The rental costs in 2023 are not known at this time, but, as discussed above, were the PCF to return to worship in the school, the cost to hire somebody to set up and put things away after worship would very probably be in addition to the basic rental of the gym. The cost to rent space for worship in the Pinawa Lutheran Church is listed as $5,560.00 in the 2023 PCF budget. Furthermore, the storage of PCF property elsewhere but in Gilbert School may be another additional cost.

As a congregation, the PCF is facing some difficult questions soon. It will be important that the PCF doesn’t eliminate any option prematurely.  The PCF is currently renting space in the Lutheran Church because of convenience and history, but it may not be our only option – there may be other possible venues in town (that have not been looked into).  We need to think openly and creatively and look at all options before we make a long-term decision.

Another significant topic for thought, in this age of late-stage (?) pandemic reluctance of many people, especially seniors, to attend worship services, or indeed, any large gatherings of people, is HOW to ensure that the maximum number of congregation members can participate in this discussion and the final decisions regarding the future of worship in the Pinawa Christian Fellowship.

Please send any comments or suggestions via email to” executive@pinawa.church”, or speak to Deb Smith, Wally Kukurudz, or Betty or Bob McCamis. 

Bob McCamis
Senior Convenor

Back in the olden days… 

before the great disruption of the pandemic, the PCF most often met for worship in the windowless gymnasium at FW Gilbert School. That was fine, but on lovely Summer days it seemed a shame to praise the Lord indoors. Our occasional worship at the beach or by the suspension bridge only underlined how refreshing it was to escape the four walls and the artificial light. When the FW Gilbert School began to make plans for an outdoor classroom it seemed a natural fit for our longing to move worship outdoors. At our 2018 September AGM the PCF donated $5000 seed money for the project, and then… it stalled. This Summer, as we emerged from pandemical malaise, a special committee of the Parent Advisory Council began to move the project along again and work began. A design was tendered and a local builder, Tom Kesalainen, came forward with an interesting proposal. Tom builds traditional “post and beam” structures and he offered to make something extra special for the same price as a “regular” building made of hardware store dimensional lumber. The offer was accepted and, even as fundraising continued, Tom began to craft the components. As winter closed in, the building went up and it is now, mostly, complete. The space is spectacular!

Drop by the FW Gilbert School playground and imagine children gathered for learning and play, and, perhaps, God’s people gathered under the great beams of this beautiful structure. Plans for the Spring include connecting the power line for lights or equipment, and building half walls to further define the space. Our contribution to this project was made from special gifts funds, the legacy of the past generosity of members like you. Thank you!

We have opportunities to learn, pray, or to connect online.  Sign up for our weekly email updates and check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Our Church Office and Meeting Space in the SUNOVA Mall now has an air cleaner with a HEPA filter to improve air circulation and quality.  Visitors are welcome with appropriate precautions.  Watch for information as we move toward resuming various gatherings in the office.

Admin Assistant Joye Platford is available by e-mail (pcf@pinawa.church) and phone (text or voice – 204-753-8439)