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Hi there! This is a welcome from Rob Murray. I'm the minister who serves this Christian Community and the default web master of (Just another thing they didn't teach me at Knox College!) I hope this platform will be easy for people to use. I am not a web guru, but I know how to GOOGLE. If you leave me questions here I will do my best to get back to you.

You can edit your posts, format, and add links or pictures, just like an email. The difference is that your "post" stays here and people in the group can all read or reply. You can also "like" other's comments or posts. If you click the little "subscribe to this topic" button below you will get an email when anyone contributes something new. I'm just learning, but if you noodle around it should be possible for you to customize your profile and determine for yourself how many updates you want to receive.

I have set this up so you need to register to post. This is an attempt to weed out theĀ  spam bots and trolls. I will keep an eye on things as best I can, but if you see something obnoxious please report it to me directly and I will shut it down.