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Chapter Seven: The Lamb Standing as Though it had been Slain, or the True Face of God

Apocalypse Chapters 4-5.

Good afternoon,

I had to reinstall the software for my scanner, but here we are.  I don't know how to upload the scanned image from my desktop. Instead, I will e-mail it to Rob and ask him to post the image, if he feels that's the way to go.

"GLORY AMEN" depicts the truth that Christ came from the glory and majesty of heaven and became flesh, dwelling among men.  In the centre of the design is the Christ Child, conceived by the Holy Spirit and represented by the circle of seven doves.  The Cross represents the suffering of Christ.  The representations of a man, an ox, an eagle, and a lion are symbols found in Ezekiel in the Old Testament and in Revelations in the New Testament.  On the outer circle are the four and twenty elders depicting the church of all ages.  The colours in the design are those of the rainbow, symbol of God's faithfulness to man and the circle suggests fulfillment or completeness.

The actual wood cut is 36" in diameter. The artist, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, was the brother-in-law of my college roommate, who became a minister in the Christian Reformed Church and served congregations in Emo, ON, and Port Alberni, BC.  Chris's bio is HERE. The wood cut, "GLORY AMEN", was done in 1968 or 1969.  Later is life, he focused more of cloud formations, see HERE