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Chapter 9

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session because the time sequence in Revelations 12 has me stumped!  The discussion about (the archangel) Michael seems to have been dropped into the story of the woman and the dragon.  Looks to me that John went back to Daniel for this.

Then there is this strange reference to 1,260 days or 3.5 years. To me, this is a much firmer number than The “40 years“.

Jean-PierrePrevost, on p. 104, writes, “He(Satan) will also be the last to be conquered; only then can the victory of Christ be entire and definitive.”  I thought Christ was victorious when he died and rose again.  Is the final battle between Christ an Stan merely a “mopping up exercise”?

I also found another erratum: in the box on p. 102, 1 John 21.18 should be 1 John 2:18. But that’s nothing compared to my confusion about Jean-Pierre Prevost’s chapter or Revelations 12.