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Is it all too much?

This chapter digs into the bizarre imagery and symbols of this Book which is probably the first thing people notice about the Apocalypse. All this outlandish imagery can be either the most intriguing or the most off-putting aspect of the Book. There's a lot of detail in this chapter but, standing back, is this something you find attractive and compelling or does the strange imagery get in the way for you?

I have a question about the number "seven".  The author suggests that it is the sum of "three " and "four", with "three" "... being associated with the world of God (p. 32 left-hand column) and "four" representing the four corners of the Earth.  I can see "three" referring to the Trinity but I can't see any connection between that number and a "particular Jewish tradition".  I know that the number "seven" is used to indicate perfection but still wonder where that number "three" fits in.

I also think I may have found an error on page 32, right hand column, line 8: "sons of Jacob, the ancestor of Egypt".  I think it should be "of Israel".  And I had to look up the definition of the word "reify" (p. 25 right hand column).

Interesting the omission of the number "6" (some sources assign "6" to sigma and "200" to the sigma at the end of a word.  Note that "90" is also missing (p. 37) and appears to be related to an obsolete letter.