Palm Sunday

Here’s my second attempt at a video sermon. I got the aspect ratio right this time but still don’t know how to edit, so please forgive the slips (and the two occasions where I touch my face!) I’m working on a Good Friday and Easter Address. Please have a blessed and peaceful and healthy Holy Week beginning with this Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday Storytelling with Elsie Rempel

Elsie and Peter Rempel have been living and serving in Bolanden-Weierhof in Germany. Elsie recently made a video for their local congregation telling the Palm Sunday story for children (and the young at heart) in the style of Godly Play. (If you remember my suitcase stories? That’s where I got the idea.) Elsie kindly made an English version for her friends in Canada to share. Thanks Elsie!

A New Year – a new start

I’ve been writing sermons for over thirty years, but It’s harder than you might think (after you come up with something to say), to make a decent video recording, and then make it available on the net. Here’s my first attempt.

This is a meditation on Luke 1:26-38, the Gospel for March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation. You can read that online HERE. If you are interested in the calendar issues that I mention at the beginning, check out the Wikipedia article on Old Style and New Style dates.

I got finished and then realized that I filmed this in portrait mode and most people’s screens are landscape. At least I didn’t put set fire to myself like that Anglican priest!

Online Worship

This is a work in progress. I intend to publish links to our online worship here just as soon as I figure out the intricacies of creating it with all these exciting and intimidating tools. I’m trying to avoid some of the rookie mistakes – see the video below!

Please check back from time to time.