At the Pinawa Christian Fellowship we strive to be transparent and accountable. On this page you will find the governing documents of the congregation and current information about our finances. Check here for background documents when we are having a congregational meeting.

 2021 Fall Online and In-Person AGM…

Reports of Committees, the minutes from last year’s meeting, and the Congregational Profile that the search committee has prepared (and that needs affirmation by this meeting) are all available here.

There will be an in-person meeting for information after the service of worship on Sunday, October 24th, 2021. Those who are not present may direct any questions for clarification to the church office 204-753-8439 or

The AGM is considering three motions.

Resolution 1
That the Pinawa Christian Fellowship approves the 2021 Congregational Profile and that this profile be forwarded to our Parent Churches as required for use in advertising our upcoming ministerial vacancy. The United Church of Canada Terms of Employment and PCF Financial Viability Appendices will be forwarded only to the United Church of Canada. Similar documentation specific to the remaining parent churches will be forwarded to them as requested.

Resolution 2
That the minutes of the October 25, 2020 General Meeting be approved, and the reports of the Convenors, the Minister, the Treasurer, and the various committees of the PCF, as published on, be received and all recommendations adopted.

Resolution 3
To accept the slate of General Committee candidates published on, (plus any changes/additions that arise at the in-person meeting).

As we did last year, please respond by email ( or phone (204-753-8439) before October 31st indicating whether you vote “yes” or “no” to each resolution and how many people are voting. 

2021 Online Financial AGM…

Financial reports for the year ending December 31, 2020 and a draft budget for the year 2021 were reviewed and adopted by the General Committee and posted here on January 16, 2021, to be considered by the members and friends of the congregation.

No questions or proposals for amendments were received by phone or email.

Fifteen people attended the online information session on January 24, 2021 by video and phone.

That meeting suggested that the budgeted contribution to our parent churches be increased by 1.7%, equivalent to the cost of living increase proposed for the minister’s stipend, and the proposed budget has been revised accordingly. The General Committee was also urged to keep any additional needs of our parent churches in mind throughout the pandemic. 

There was also discussion about money we received from Federal Government programs for COVID relief. We qualified for the rent and wage subsidies because our giving was much lower during the earlier part of the year.  Due to the extraordinary generosity of a few members in December we realized a surplus.

The meeting asked that the PCF Treasurer contact CRA for information on how to potentially return COVID related Federal Government grant money, should there be a wish to do so.

The revised reports, budget, and the recommendations below were circulated by email on January 30, 2021 and, by February 3, 2021, Forty-Seven people had responded and cast their votes by phone or email exceeding our quorum requirement of Thirty-Five. Votes were unanimously in favour of all three resolutions and our reports and budget will be adopted. General Committee will review minutes documenting the process and results of our financial meeting at their next meeting and they will be posted here on the website.


Resolution 1

MOVED by Florence Vilks SECONDED by Wally Kukurudz that the Agenda for the 2021 PCF Budget Meeting be approved, that the Minutes of the January 26, 2020 General Budget Meeting as published on be approved, and that the following incumbent members of the PCF General Committee be reconfirmed.

Convenor Committee  – 
Bob McCamis, Deb Smith, Myrna Tiede

Secretary – Marg Stokes

Treasurer – Karen Ross

Worship Committee – Judith Platford

Christian Education – N/A

Missions – Dennis Cann

Social – Shirley Pellow

Stewardship – Lori Evenden

Pastoral Relations Sub-committee –
Bob McCamis, Leny Ohta, Willa Reddig


Resolution 2

MOVED by Karen Ross, SECONDED by Ken Reddig to accept the PCF Financial Reports for 2020, including the Operating Statement for 2020 and the 2020 Restricted Funds Report, and 2020 Balance Sheet as published on, and that Betty McCamis be approved to review the financial reports for 2020.


Resolution 3

MOVED by Karen Ross, SECONDED by C Vandergraaf to accept the PCF Budget for 2021, as amended by increasing the parent church contributions by 1.7%, and published on


Thank you for your participation in this online Budget Meeting, and thank you for your continuing generosity and support of the mission and ministry of the Pinawa Christian Fellowship!

2020 Online Fall AGM

Here are documents from our Fall AGM. Due to COVID restrictions we had a virtual meeting this year. On Sunday, October 25, at 2pm there was an online ZOOM information session where the General Committee, including the Minister and Treasurer, were available  to answer questions about the reports. Two resolutions, to adopt the reports as presented and to adopt the proposed changes to the By-Laws of the Church Corporation, were put before the congregation email responses were gathered for one week. Both resolutions were overwhelmingly adopted. Thank you for your participation and encouragement! 

As a not-for-profit corporation we must submit our By-Laws for Provincial scrutiny every year. Over the course of many years the By-Laws had grown to include a rather unwieldy level of detail in a large number of “appendices”. Those appendices were included in the Provincial review and could not be changed without a congregational meeting.

In 2020 the General Committee undertook a thorough revision and has removed anything not necessary to our formal operation from the By-Laws. Most of the former appendices  will be moved to a less formal document, “Standard Operating Procedures”, that won’t require review by the Provincial Companies Office or congregational meetings to change them.

Our revised By-Laws, as adopted by the November congregational meeting, are provided here. Our former By-Laws with their appendices are posted further down the page for reference.

Here are the Documents for the 2020 Financial Meeting which was held on Sunday, January 26 following the morning worship. The draft budget was adopted without amendments and the minutes of the meeting are now posted below. We have also included the restricted funds report that was missing from the earlier package.

If you require printed copies please be in touch with the church office.

Here are the documents for the 2019 Fall General Meeting which was held on  September 29, 2019 following the morning worship. DRAFT minutes of the meeting are available here, they will be affirmed at the next meeting of the congregation.

The PCF is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the province of Manitoba. Our By-laws organize our life together. By-Law No. 1 describes the purpose of the corporation. By-Law No. 2 outlines the powers and responsibilities of the Congregation and General Committee. By-Law No. 2 Appendices are the ever-evolving “job descriptions” for our officers, committees, and groups. Our Mission Statement describes how we aspire to live out our faith in community.