At the Pinawa Christian Fellowship we strive to be transparent and accountable. On this page you will find the governing documents of the congregation and current information about our finances. Check here for background documents when we are having a congregational meeting.

As a not-for-profit corporation we must submit our By-Laws for Provincial scrutiny and over the course of many years they have grown to include a rather unwieldy level of detail in a large number of “appendices”. Those appendices are included in the Provincial review and can’t be changed without a congregational meeting.

The General Committee has undertaken a thorough revision and proposes that we remove anything not necessary to our formal operation from the By-Laws. Most of the appendices  will be moved to a less formal document, “Standard Operating Procedures”, that won’t require review by the Provincial Companies Office or congregational meetings to change them.

The proposed revision is provided here along with the current by-laws further down the page. A considerable amount of work has been done to streamline the operation of our congregation and we encourage you to review these revisions in anticipation of a Fall congregational meeting.

Here are the Documents for the 2020 Financial Meeting which was held on Sunday, January 26 following the morning worship. The draft budget was adopted without amendments and the minutes of the meeting are now posted below. We have also included the restricted funds report that was missing from the earlier package.

If you require printed copies please be in touch with the church office.

Here are the documents for the 2019 Fall General Meeting which was held on  September 29, 2019 following the morning worship. DRAFT minutes of the meeting are available here, they will be affirmed at the next meeting of the congregation.

The PCF is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the province of Manitoba. Our By-laws organize our life together. By-Law No. 1 describes the purpose of the corporation. By-Law No. 2 outlines the powers and responsibilities of the Congregation and General Committee. By-Law No. 2 Appendices are the ever-evolving “job descriptions” for our officers, committees, and groups. Our Mission Statement describes how we aspire to live out our faith in community.