At the Pinawa Christian Fellowship we strive to be transparent and accountable. On this page you will find the governing documents of the congregation and current information about our congregational meetings and finances.

Our Mission Statement describes how we aspire to live out our faith in community. Our By-Laws govern the conduct of the congregation, which is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the Province of Manitoba. You will find our most recently revised By-Laws here, along with our former By-Law #2, appendices which are currently being re-written as Standard Operating Procedures. Those appendices describe many of our activities and the roles of our officers and committees but they were becoming unwieldy in their detail and have been removed from the legal description of the corporation. We preserve them here as a record of our past practice as we seek new ways to be faithful while honouring the history and wisdom of our working together.

The 2023 Fall Annual Meeting…

was held Sunday, Nov. 26 at the Pinawa Lutheran Church following our worship service.
The meeting Agenda, 2023 Reports and Draft Minutes are below.

A Special Congregational Meeting…

to inform and discuss the future meeting place for PCF Sunday services was held June 18, 2023 following the worship service.

The MOTION “to allow the General Committee to act on behalf of the congregation to review and approve the 3-year rental agreement with Pinawa Lutheran Church, based on the favourable clarification of any points raised at the congregational meeting” was unanimously approved, see documents below for info.

Our 2023 Budget AGM…

was held on January 29 following the worship service. The 2022 Operating Statement and 2023 Budget were unanimously approved and can be found below along with Draft Minutes from the meeting and other documents.

At a 2022 November 20 Special Congregational meeting…

it was unanimously approved to extend a call to Rev. Elizabeth Brasier to become our next Minister. Minutes are below. You can view Rev. Brasier’s Oct. 30 sermon in Pinawa here.

2022 In-person Fall AGM…

Our first in-person congregational meeting in almost 3 years was held Sunday Sept. 25, 2022 at the Pinawa Lutheran Church following our worship service.

Draft Minutes and Committee reports are below.

Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre Upgrade Project

The Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre is upgrading their facility and has requested some funding from the PCF.  Our General Committee has arranged for Rob Smith, Keeper of the Centre, to speak about their plans and budget at a “Second Hour” on June 12, 2022 following our Sunday service in the Lutheran Church. The link to Rob’s presentation is below.

The PCF donation of the funds requires the approval of a congregational meeting – the voting will be held electronically after Rob’s presentation.

2022 Online Budget Meeting

Our Financial AGM was held online again this year. The 2021 financial statement and budget for 2022 were accepted. There are links to all documents below including the draft minutes for this year’s meeting.

 2021 Fall Online and In-Person AGM…

Reports of Committees, the minutes from last year’s meeting, and the Congregational Profile that the search committee has prepared (and that needed affirmation by the congregational meeting) were all made available here on the website and at the church office. An in-person meeting for information was held after the service of worship on Sunday, October 24th, 2021 and voting on resolutions was recorded in-person or by email and phone over the course of the next week. Draft minutes of the meeting are available below with the various reports.

2021 Online Financial AGM…

Financial reports for the year ending December 31, 2020 and a draft budget for the year 2021 were reviewed and adopted by the General Committee and posted here on January 16, 2021, to be considered by the members and friends of the congregation.

No questions or proposals for amendments were received by phone or email.

Fifteen people attended the online information session on January 24, 2021 by video and phone.

The revised reports, budget, and the recommendations below were circulated by email on January 30, 2021 and, by February 3, 2021, Forty-Seven people had responded and cast their votes by phone or email exceeding our quorum requirement of Thirty-Five. Votes were unanimously in favour of all three resolutions and our reports and budget will be adopted. The reports and draft minutes of the meeting are posted below.


Thank you for your participation in the online Budget Meeting, and thank you for your continuing generosity and support of the mission and ministry of the Pinawa Christian Fellowship!